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Civil Construction & Tunneling

The civil division of Jennmar offers the civil works industry products for the purpose of rock, soil and concrete anchoring, post tensioning systems and tunneling support.

Bolthead Markings and Codes

JENNMAR, Bolt Head Markings, Recommended BOLT Torque, Cable Bolts Color Code, Threaded Bolts Color Code

Conventional Mechanical Bolts

All systems are configured with high strength bar: • (Grade 55 (55,000 psi minimum yield) • (Grade 75 (75,000 psi minimum yield)

Cuttable and Corrosion Resistant Products

JENNMAR offers a cuttable high strength molded fiberglass rib pan and plates for environments requiring corrosion resistance.

Fast Anchor 3 Bolt System

The Fast Anchor 3 is a double corrosion resistant steel bolt for strata control that provides quick assembly and secure installation due to its expansion shell that provides immediate anchorage and generates superior grip upon application.

FRICTION-LOK Stabilizer System

The JENNMAR FRICTION-LOK Stabilizer System is a strata control system designed to firmly control hard or soft rock. As lateral ground movement increases, the system increases its superior holding power.

Headed Rebar Bolts


JENNMAR offers the JENN-TENSION roof bolt re-tensioning system for a quick and economical alternative to replacement of loose roof plates.

J-LOK Resin

The J-LOK resin in the cartridge is used to anchor bolts to the surrounding strata. This unification of the resin, bolt and strata layers provides the necessary strength and rigidity to prevent sag by acting as a reinforcement which anchors the individual stratified layers of rock into a single high strength beam.

JM All Thread Bar

M3 Custom Protective Coating

Applying coatings to our products isolates and actively protects the product making them resistant to corrosive environments.

M3 Expandable Rock Bolt

M3 expandable rock bolts offer superior quality that responds to the most demanding roof support applications. Its high load capacity and excellent elongation properties ensure safer working conditions and faster excavation cycles.

M3 Pump

MPA Bolt System

Fast, single-step anchoring system using standard equipment. Efficient installation since drilling and grouting can be performed in a single operation, saving both time and money.

Pourable Resin Grout

Once cured, the Pourable Resin Grout forms an effective corrosion barrier from a pH of 2 through a pH of 11.

Pumpable J-LOK P

J-Lok P has been formulated for anchoring and sealing rock bolts in mining and tunneling applications.

Self Drilling Hollow Bar

The Self-Drilling bolt is a fully threaded hollow bar that initially serves as a drill rod, utilizing a lost bit. The thread is made to comply to ISO 10208. For use in unconsolidated ground or other difficult ground conditions.

Self-Drilling FRICTION-LOK

JENNMAR has developed the Self-Drilling FRICTION-LOK, a new design where the borehole is drilled and the friction bolt is installed simultaneously.

2 Flange Liner Plate

JENNMAR Civil now offers Contech 2-Flange Liner Plate that provides optimum shaft stability and protection when constructing new utility tunnels, relining structures under highways and railroads, and lining vertical shafts.


Belt and Utility Hangers

JENNMAR offers a complete line of belt hangers to be used for hanging belt structures within the mine. The following table shows some typical belt hanger assemblies that are available and used throughout the mining industry. If you require a specific or customized assembly, our experienced team of engineers can design

Channels and Roof Mats

Impact Resistant Lagging

Lattice Girders and Steel Arches


JENNMAR plate products feature high strength, light weight and a low profile, effectively distributing roof bolt load evenly in all directions. Manufactured under rigid quality - control conditions in accordance with ASTM F432, plate ratings range from 20,000 to 60,000 lbs. Customized sizes and coatings are available.

Steel Rib Supports

Curvatures range from a minimum radius of 10 times the beam depth for 4" and 6" sections to 14 times the depth of section for larger beams. JENNMAR Specialty Products also fabricates straight beams, forepoling sheets, steel lagging, tie rods, foot plates and pipe spacers.

Steel Sets and Tunnel/Shaft Rings

JENNMAR Specialty Products, in conjunction with our sister affiliate engineering company, Keystone Mining Services (KMS®) can custom design arch and square set support systems as well as tunnel and shaft rings.

TH Arch System

The TH Arch system has quickly gained wide market acceptance by uniting high resistance to load along with dynamic behavior that is unseen in other arches in the industry.

Combination Solid Riser Slide Plate and Rigid Brace

Combination Plate with Riser are available for 60 lb and 85 lb rail.


Frogs, Switch Stand and Spring Connecting Rod

Gauge Rods and Guardrails

Heel Blocks

Joint and Compromise Bars

JENNMAR offers a a wide range of rail connector bars including compromise bars, splice bars, and joint bars. Our bars are hot formed with high quality steel for maximum strength.

Rail Benders

Rail Products and Accessories Catalog

Complete catalog of rail and railroad accessories JENNMAR has to offer.

Rail Sections

Technical Data and Dimensions for 40 lb., 60 lb., 85 lb., and 115 lb. rail sections.

Rail Ties

JENNMAR offers a complete line of steel and iron clad ties to the mining and tunneling industries. We can engineer our ties to meet your specific haulage application. Our ties can be designed for any type of rail and gauge.

Rail Turnouts and Turnout Components

JENNMAR can supply fully erected or knockdown turnouts kits, rails and accessories for 40 lb., 60 lb., 85 lb., and 115 lb. light rail trackwork in any gauge.


Switch Rods and Accessories

Switch Ties

K11, K13, K15, K17 and K18 Switch Tie Sets

Track Stabilizers

Track Tools

Hand Track Tools for Track Maintenance and Repair

Track, Frog and Heel Block Bolts and Spikes

Tunneling Ties

Our Tunneling Ties are specifically designed for use in tunnel projects where the bottom surface is not flat.

Wheel Stops

JENNCHEM Underground Roadway Repair

JENNCHEM Underground Roadway Repair is a specially formulated fast-setting concrete designed for the mining and tunneling industries.

Grouts & Resins Usage

PUR70 is pumped (bottom up) into Fully- Grouted Cable Bolts (FGCB) to provide corrosion protection and improve bolt life. J-SEAL is a high strength foaming grout used primarily for rated seals.

J-FIRM Soil Stabilization Grout

Jennchem's J-Firm Soil Stabilization Grout is a free flowing, low viscosity, sodium silicate grout and hardener that fully encapsulates and hardens loose soil in order to allow for safe excavation.

J-PLUG Acrylate Grout

J-PLUG Acrylate Grout is a fast reacting, low viscosity, acrylate polymer that is used to seal water leaks in concrete structures and stabilize soils.

JSC Grout

JSC Grout is JENNCHEM's series of single-component hydrophobic polyurethane grouts that are used for sealing leaking cracks or joints in a variety of applications.

PUR70 Polyurethane Resin

PUR70 Polyurethane Resin is a two-component polyurethane resin system. When properly mixed at a ratio of one to one, PUR70 cures to a rigid polymer with unique physical properties, resistance to water and chemical attack, and long term durability.

TDS-240 Urea Silicate Resin System

This grout is designed to secure rock and cable bolts in tunnel and mine applications. It quickly develops a thixotropic characteristic that minimizes free flow but allows continuous, as well as interrupted, pumping overhead.

US Foam and Grout

The two-component resin is delivered by a pump unit and injected in a ratio of 1:1 by volume through a mixing gun. The resulting medium sets to produce an elastic, expanding mass with outstanding adhesive and compressive strength.


The Beacon Light is the only portable LED floodlight on the market that is built strong enough to withstand the toughest environments without compromising on high quality light output.


The new 120W BEACON120 Led Temporary High Bay Light utilizes cutting edge LED technology that does not require an external LED driver. This allows the high bay to be extremely light and compact while improving overall reliability and longevity of the light.


The patented Beacon360 Blaze has been one of our customers favorite across many industries.


Designed to replace stringlights for increased efficiency & flexibility, the revolutionary Beacon360 Spark is ideal for lighting up small rooms, stairwells and corridors.


The Beacon360 Trek has been helping customer lighting up areas with crisp LED light in a way that is unmatched in the world of LED lighting.

Civil Products Catalog

Products for the Tunneling & Civil Construction Industries.