At JENNMAR fabrication takes place in our more than twenty strategically located manufacturing facilities associated with our affiliated brands. From bolts and beams, to channels and trusses, to resin and rebar and more, JENNMAR is uniquely positioned to accommodate our customers’ industrial fabrication needs. 

Fabrication Abilities

Virginia Specialty Plant

JENNMAR's VA Specialty Plant is a full service structural steel fabrication plant conforming to AISC and certified to ISO 9001. Capabilities include: CNC Beam & Drill Line, CNC Plasma Table, Multiple Press Operations, Cold Form Steel Rolling, AWS Certified Welding Stations and Welding Personnel, Roll Forming Operations and Pipe Milling for Corrugated Hydraulic Conveyance and Structures, In-house Engineering Design and Detailing, Certified CWI and Quality Personnel.

Fabrication Offerings:


JENNMAR's VA Specialty Plant offers the following fabricated structural items:
• Structural Steel Arch and Square Set Supports for Mine Access, Egress and Rehab Work
• Ventilation structures including air locks, equipment doors and overcasts for mining, tunneling and underground construction
• Temporary earth retention systems for shaft support
• Tunnel Ribs for soft and hardrock tunnel support
• Corrugated pipe and corrugated decking
• Ventilation paneling for mining applications
• Piling and waler systems
• Specialty rock bolt plate fabrication
• Rock bolt plate hangers
• Specialty fabrications and rework of underground construction structural platforms, decks and beams  

Industries Served:

• Mining and mine development                                                       
• Mine & tunnel rehab
• Mining capitol project, surface/underground
• Rock fall mitigation
• Water tunnels
• Transportation tunnels
• Waste water tunnels
• Hydro tunnels
• Underground construction
• Temporary earth retention
• Geotechnical structures
• DOT Water Conveyance Piping
• Mining & tunneling conveyance 

Fabrication Questions?

To learn more about JENNMAR's fabrication abilities contact your regional salesman today! 

XCAL TOOLS Fabrication

Trust in the leading drill steel manufacturers at JENNMAR XCAL TOOLS, a manufacturing company in South Point, Ohio, for efficient, expedited solutions to your needs. Our company offers proprietary products for the mining, railroad, construction, and highway industries. We offer custom machining and fabrication services from our modern CNC machine shop and welding department. Every XCAL TOOLS shaft must pass our rigorous QA inspection to be placed in our inventory. This assurance provides you with the best torque and conveyor shafts on the market today. Currently XCAL TOOLS provides shafts to replace those on the Joy Continuous Miners. Cross reference your OEM part number to see if we manufacture a replacement. If the shaft you need is not in our catalog, give our customer service representatives a call and we will work to provide you a solution to your need. 

In fact, independent testing by MetCut Research Inc. determined XCAL TOOLS outperformed OEM! XCAL TOOLS goes the extra mile in assuring the quality of it’s shafts by:

• Conducting independent, third party testing on all raw material lots
• Using lot control to provide a traceable quality history

• Provided in 2 sizes 7/8" and 1-1/8"
• Heated Treated material
• Long Lasting, Straighter drilling of bore hole
• Noise Reduction
• No extra components needed (Couplers, Bit Seats)
• Manufactured in any length (within the inch)
• Stackable system

• Drive end designed for 7/8" and 1-1/8" standard chuck
• Specialty drive ends available (Jack-Leg, Hilti)
• Stackable system
• Manufactured in any length (within the inch)various bore hole sizes (1", 1-3/8", 1-1/2")
• Ideal for wet conditions

• Offered in two drive ends (7/8", 1-1/8")
• Standard 1-1/8" Square socket
• 8 point and 4 point socket design
• Forged drive end and socket
• Heated treated for strength 
• Manufactured in any length (within the inch)

• Manufacture to OEM specs
• Manufacture XCAL TOOLS specialty designs
• Specialty and new designs available 
• All Bolt machine designs available

• XCAL TOOLS shafts are made from the same material as OEM but are manufactured in such a way to provide:
• Uniform material hardness end to end
• Proven consistent yield
• Outstanding rotational deflection prior to yield
• Reduction in vibration resulting in increased bearing life

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