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25 Ton Quick Timber Prop

Lightweight and easily transported

Alternative Crib Supports (ACS) 100 or 55 Ton Prop

Featuring quick and easy installation, these mechanical type supports are manufactured to the height requirements of the customer, with a twelve-inch height adjustment.

Ball Buster Prop

Very rapid and easy installation

J-SAND and J-SANDY Props

J-SAND and J-SANDY Props are lightweight, high-capacity props that are easily installed with nominal capacities of 35-100 tons.

J-SANDY Yieldable Prop

The J-SAND prop is also available in a yieldable configuration, the J-SANDY Prop.

Mini Buster Prop

Lightweight and easily transported. No tools needed and single-person installation.


JENNMAR's array of props are easy to transport and install. They provide reliable support and help maintain the integrity of the mine roof. JENNMAR manufactures a full range of prop configurations with a variety of pre-load and yield options to meet your mine's specific requirements.

Props Brochure

Quik Stik Prop

The Quik Stik prop is a high-load, rigid steel frame, free-standing support.

Stress Buster Prop

Once pre-stressing is complete, ball bearings lock the support with a pre-stressed load into position.