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At Frank Calandra Inc. and subsidiaries, our most important strength is our people. We recruit and develop a talented and diverse group of individuals to continue to grow our business and contribute to our success. Our company is a leader in supplying high-quality products to the mining and tunneling and civil construction industries. Frank Calandra Inc. and its subsidiaries are highly respected all over the globe by their customers, suppliers, and the communities we serve.

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JENNMAR’s opportunities range from free training of high school and technical college students and graduates to a variety of summer jobs, internships, and free certification programs. JENNMAR offers a world of opportunities that will expand your skills and capabilities ranging from professionals who are ready to take the next step in their careers by sharing their expert knowledge to the high school graduate eager to learn and every level employee in-between.

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So much of our modern world begins underground, in the form of the raw material that is molded into products that range from ordinary to exotic, are converted to energy which is at the very heart of every modern society and rarely given a second thought. But, that raw material must first be extracted from the earth and it must be done safely. That’s where we come in. Our products and services allow men and women to safely mine the earth, to safely build tunnels and underground structures; in short, to safely unleash the creative potential within us all. While that may sound grandiose, it is absolutely true. It is never another mundane day at work for us. We are silent partners to the industries that make modern life possible.

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JENNMAR makes a broad range of reliable, diverse, and complementary products. Browse our hundreds of products that make the mining and tunneling industries safer and more efficient.