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Galvanized & Coated Products

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Galvanized Coated Products

JENNMAR is capable of providing powder-coated, epoxy-coated, and hot-dipped galvanized products.

K2 ThermoPlastic

Excellent flexibility, adhesion, and hardness are the hallmark characteristics of this familiar, single-layer plastic bolt coating. It remains a top coating choice for many mining sites because of its resistance to dampness, acids, alkalinity, and salts.

M3 Custom Protective Coating

Applying coatings to our products isolates and actively protects the product making them resistant to corrosive environments.

Zinc Epoxy Coating

Zinc Epoxy is an economic yet effective coating material for rock bolts against corrosion in a challenging geotechnical environment, where resistance to abrasion and electrochemical corrosion is required. The innovative zinc epoxy coating system was applied on JENNMAR rock bolts.