XCAL INDUSTRIES supplies tungsten carbide blanks for a variety of different industries including agriculture, forestry, mining, tunneling and construction.
XCAL INDUSTRIES supplies tungsten carbide blanks for many different industries including automotive, aircraft & aerospace, energy, appliance, medical, forestry and construction. We produce over 30 grades of material, in-house, with our customized powder production process for optimal quality control. This also provides flexibility to make specialty grades when needed.

From reclaiming carbide components to the blending of unique grades of tungsten carbide powder to final assembly and packaging, our products are produced from start to finish at our manufacturing plants located in the heart of the coal mining fields of southern West Virginia.

Visit our website at www.xcalindustries.com for more information and our product offerings.

Oak Hill, WV

843 Lochgelly Road
Oak Hill, WV 25901
F: 304-469-4750
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