JENNMAR's offerings include train, railcar, and truck services as well as automotive handling, transportation, warehousing, and loading of commodities of our manufactured goods.

Where the Road Meets Rail

From providing trucking and rail services to transporting raw materials, supplies, and finished products between JENNMAR plants, suppliers, and customers to manufacturing railing and steel for the automotive, rail, and truck industries, JENNMAR's logistics ensure the fulfillment of each customer order, making sure resources move quickly and efficiently from one section of the supply chain to the next.

We have made getting the customer the product they need a simple and timely process. JENNMAR has owned and operated its own trucking fleet for 40 years, and that allows us to deliver products directly from our manufacturing facilities to the customer on-site. Trucks are ready at a moment's notice, helping to organize, plan, implement and execute the movement of the products and goods.

JENNMAR and its affiliate companies have strategically located manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and offices throughout the US, Canada, and Australia. We provide shipping services such as trucking and rail services to ensure that your product is delivered on-site and on time, as well as warehousing to keep your products safe. We have the resources to move quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Please contact us for additional information about our logistics services, and we will gladly assist you in making your next project a success!

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