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Bolts & Cable Bolts Accessories

Bendable Bolts

JENNMAR's Bendable Bolts are available where bending is necessary to permit installation of bars that are longer than the mine opening height.

Bolthead Markings and Codes

JENNMAR Bolt Head Markings, Recommended BOLT Torque, and Cable and Threaded Bolts Color Codes

Cable Bolt Housings

Cable Products

JENNMAR offers a complete line of cable support products. These products are based on a 7-strand, high-strength cable. JENNMAR offers an industry-leading line of cable products including non-tensioned cables, post-tensioned cables, tensionable cables for primary roof support, and fully-grouted cables.

Cable Reels

With our heavy-duty coiling machine, JENNMAR can produce coil reels to fit mechanized cable bolting machines which increase productivity due to concurrent drilling and cable installation.

Cable Tensioning Unit (CTU)

A Cable Tensioning Unit (CTU) is portable device that will pre-stress various size cables.


The CABLE-LOK Shell is a spring-loaded shell that can be automatically set on installation.

CBJ-1 Cable Bolt Tensioning Unit (CTU)

For Installation of Bearing Plates

Civil Products Catalog

Combination Bolt

JENNMAR offers the industry's most proven combination bolt system in the mining industry by providing ultimate tension in weak strata.

Conventional Mechanical Bolts

All systems are configured with high strength bar: - (Grade 55 (55,000 psi minimum yield) - (Grade 75 (75,000 psi minimum yield)

Cuttable and Corrosion Resistant Products

JENNMAR offers a cuttable high strength molded fiberglass rib pan and plates for environments requiring corrosion resistance.

Expansion Anchors

JENNMAR's expansion anchors can be combined with deformed bar and J-LOK resin to make an INSTAL bolt system, a high-performance primary bolting system.

Fast Anchor 3 Bolt System

The Fast Anchor 3 is a double corrosion-resistant steel bolt for strata control that provides quick assembly and secure installation due to its expansion shell that provides immediate anchorage and generates superior grip upon application.

FiReP FRP Bolts

FRICTION-LOK Stabilizer System

The JENNMAR FRICTION-LOK Stabilizer System is a strata control system designed to firmly control hard or soft rock. As lateral ground movement increases, the system increases its superior holding power.

Headed Rebar Bolts

Forged Head Rebar and J-BAR

INSTAL Bolt Anchor System

The Fully-Grouted INSTAL Bolt is the ideal high tension bolt due to the resin that locks bolt tension within the system, while significantly slowing down the weathering process around the bolt hole.


JENNMAR offers the JENN-TENSION roof bolt re-tensioning system for a quick and economical alternative to the replacement of loose roof plates.

JM All Thread Bar

Wide range of applications including rock bolts, rock dowels, rock spiles, soil nails, micro piles, etc.

JM CABLE Fully Grouted Cable Bolt

The JM CABLE Fully Grouted Cable Bolt is proven to be very versatile roof support due to its ability to control many different ground conditions, from increasing the lifespan of standard cable bolt supports in long-term main entry systems to stopping the ingress of water.

JM CABLE INSTAL CC Tensionable Cable Bolt

The INSTAL CC Cable Bolt cable bolt is part of the INSTAL family of tensionable cable bolts and is the only tensionable system approved by MSHA as primary support.

JM CABLE Post-Tensioned Cable Bolt

Post-Tensioned Cable Bolt (PT) is manufactured using 0.6 or 0.7" cable and incorporates resin mixing bulbs and a stiffener tube.

JM CABLE Silicone Injected Cable Bolt

The JM CABLE Silicone Injected Cable Bolt allows the use of longer cable bolts without concerns about water from drilling into aquifers in the above strata.


JM CABLE SUMO Cable Bolts provide a very high strength steel wire strand, with metallurgy designed for applications in both coal and hard rock mining, as well as civil and tunneling projects.

M3 Expandable Rock Bolt

M3 expandable rock bolts offer superior quality that responds to the most demanding roof support applications. Its high load capacity and excellent elongation properties ensure safer working conditions and faster excavation cycles.

M3 Pump

Available in hydraulic or electric pumps.

MPA Bolt System

Fast, single-step anchoring system using standard equipment. Efficient installation since drilling and grouting can be performed in a single operation, saving both time and money.

Pumpable J-LOK P

J-Lok P has been formulated for anchoring and sealing rock bolts in mining and tunneling applications.

Self Drilling Hollow Bar

The Self-Drilling bolt is a fully threaded hollow bar that initially serves as a drill rod, utilizing a lost bit. The thread is made to comply to ISO 10208. For use in unconsolidated ground or other difficult ground conditions.

Tensioned Rebar Bolts/TT Anti-Friction Washer

JENNMAR's tensioned rebar bolts have threaded ends and can be used as fully grouted or point anchored systems.

Truss Systems

JENNMAR offers the mining and tunneling industries the most reliable, high-strength truss systems available.


YIELD-LOK Bolt is a new generation of yielding rock bolt that provides reliable ground control in both seismic and convergence ground conditions. It is fully grouted with resin or cement in the application and provides immediate primary support on installation.