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1-Day J-SEAL

1-Day J-SEAL differs from traditional J-SEAL as the non-foamed formulation provides for extended pumping distances along with the quick strength gain required for an approved seal in less than 24 hours.


J-SEAL is a specialized foaming cement that is used to build permanent coal mine ventilation seals. The rapid strength gain provides immediate ground support to the surrounding strata with quicker cure times to meet seal approval specifications in days rather than weeks.

JENNCHEM Underground Roadway Repair

JENNCHEM Underground Roadway Repair is a specially formulated fast-setting concrete designed for the mining and tunneling industries.

JENNMAR Overcast Systems

JENNMAR Overcast Systems are designed to be modular reusable structures that are used in underground high-pressure situations to insure intake air is not contaminated with return air.

JM Metal Stoppings Brochure

Metal Stoppings

JENNMAR's Metal Stoppings are an economical solution for underground mine ventilation control. This alternative to conventional block stoppings is comprised of a set of vertically telescoping steel panels that provide a safe, low-cost system to deliver positive control in all mining environments.

Turnstone Airstop

Turnstone Couplings

Turnstone FlexLine

Turnstone HardLine

Turnstone HardLine Silencers

Turnstone HardLine Vertical

Turnstone Toughvent

Turnstone Ventilation Solutions