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Chemicals, Cements, Grouts & Resins

1-Day J-SEAL

1-Day J-SEAL differs from traditional J-SEAL as the non-foamed formulation provides for extended pumping distances along with the quick strength gain required for an approved seal in less than 24 hours.

Grouts & Resins Usage

PUR70 is pumped (bottom-up) into Fully-Grouted Cable Bolts (FGCB) to provide corrosion protection and improve bolt life. J-SEAL is a high-strength foaming grout used primarily for rated seals.

J-FIRM Soil Stabilization Grout

JENNCHEM's J-Firm Soil Stabilization Grout is a free-flowing, low viscosity, sodium silicate grout, and hardener that fully encapsulates and hardens the loose soil in order to allow for safe excavation.

J-LOK Resin

The J-LOK resin in the cartridge is used to anchor bolts to the surrounding strata. This unification of the resin, bolt, and strata layers provides the necessary strength and rigidity to prevent sag by acting as a reinforcement that anchors the individual stratified layers of rock into a single high strength beam.

J-PLUG Acrylate Grout

J-PLUG Acrylate Grout is a fast-reacting, low viscosity, acrylate polymer that is used to seal water leaks in concrete structures and stabilize soils.


J-SEAL is a specialized foaming cement that is used to build permanent coal mine ventilation seals. The rapid strength gain provides immediate ground support to the surrounding strata with quicker cure times to meet seal approval specifications in days rather than weeks.

JENNCHEM Product Catalog

JENNCHEM Underground Roadway Repair

JENNCHEM Underground Roadway Repair is a specially formulated fast-setting concrete designed for the mining and tunneling industries.

JSC Grout

JSC Grout is JENNCHEM's series of single-component hydrophobic polyurethane grouts that are used for sealing leaking cracks or joints in a variety of applications.

Pourable Resin Grout

Once cured, the Pourable Resin Grout forms an effective corrosion barrier from a pH of 2 through a pH of 11.

PUR70 Polyurethane Resin

PUR70 Polyurethane Resin is a two-component polyurethane resin system. When properly mixed at a ratio of one to one, PUR70 cures to a rigid polymer with unique physical properties, resistance to water and chemical attack, and long-term durability.

TDS-240 Urea Silicate Resin System

This grout is designed to secure rock and cable bolts in tunnel and mine applications. It quickly develops a thixotropic characteristic that minimizes free flow but allows continuous, as well as interrupted, pumping overhead.

US Foam and Grout

The two-component resin is delivered by a pump unit and injected in a ratio of 1:1 by volume through a mixing gun. The resulting medium sets to produce an elastic, expanding mass with outstanding adhesive and compressive strength.