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The JENNMAR facility inventory in Sudbury, Canada is robust, providing the Canadian mining industry with a comprehensive range of ground support options. Our main focus is on the continuous development of products for the future that provides value to the mining industry. We are proud to supply and support the Canadian community! 

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JENNMAR Australia

JENNMAR Australia was established in 1997 as a wholly owned subsidiary of JENNMAR Corporation. Like our parent company in the U.S., JENNMAR has established itself as a leading supplier of ground control solutions in Australia.

JENNMAR Australia manufactures ground support products in 3 major locations at Western Sydney in New South Wales, Mackay in Queensland and Perth in Western Australia. In addition to these facilities, multiple distribution warehousing and service centers are also located throughout Australia providing fast access to products for interstate and regionally based customers.

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JENNMAR International Locations

JENNMAR is an American company with over 2,500 domestic employees and over 800 international employees, including 23 worldwide facilities, multiple distribution warehouses, and service centers located worldwide. To contact us or find more locations please visit our Contact Us page.