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Rail & Accessories

Combination Solid Riser Slide Plate and Rigid Brace

Combination Plate with Riser are available for 60 lb and 85 lb rail.


Available in both double end and single end. Wedge-type clamp secures the derail and flag to the railhead.

Frogs, Switch Stand and Spring Connecting Rod

Gauge Rods and Guardrails

Double End Gauge Rod has two jaws, two nuts, and two washers on both ends of the rod. Guardrails measure 4'6" in length for 40 lb, 60 lb, and 85 lb track gauges.

Heel Blocks

The heel block welded together from tough rolled-steel components, can be made to fit switches of any length and rail of any weight.

Joint and Compromise Bars

JENNMAR offers a wide range of rail connector bars including compromise bars, splice bars, and joint bars. Our bars are hot-formed with high-quality steel for maximum strength.

Rail Benders

Hydraulic or Screw Type Rail Benders

Rail Products and Accessories Catalog

Rail Sections

Technical Data and Dimensions for 40 lb., 60 lb., 85 lb., and 115 lb. rail sections.

Rail Ties

JENNMAR offers a complete line of steel and iron clad ties to the mining and tunneling industries. We can engineer our ties to meet your specific haulage application. Our ties can be designed for any type of rail and gauge.

Rail Turnouts and Turnout Components

JENNMAR can supply fully erected or knockdown turnouts kits, rails, and accessories for 40 lb., 60 lb., 85 lb., and 115 lb. light rail trackwork in any gauge.


Inside and Outside Rail Rerailers, Straddle-Style Rail Rerailers, and Rerailers Clamp

Switch Rods and Accessories

Switch Ties

K11, K13, K15, K17 and K18 Switch Tie Sets

Track Stabilizers

Track stabilizers stabilize the track by applying force directly into the track structure to keep the track from sliding horizontally. Sold in pairs.

Track Tools

Hand Track Tools for Track Maintenance and Repair

Track, Frog and Heel Block, Bolts and Spikes

Tunneling Ties

Our Tunneling Ties are specifically designed for use in tunnel projects where the bottom surface is not flat.

Wheel Stops

Wheel Stops are used for low-speed stopping of rail cars. Clamp-type car stop is designed for permanent or temporary installation on exposed rails. Used when heavy and expensive bumping posts are not required, the stop is simple to handle and attach.