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J-CRIB Pumpable Crib

J-CRIB Pumpable Crib is a specialized pumpable cement and containment bag that replaces conventional timber cribs in longwall tailgates and bleeder headings.

J-CRIB Pumpable Stopping

An important benefit J-Crib supports is its significant residual load performance in high convergence areas. This feature will aid in the stopping performance in high deformation areas for a more secure ventilation infrastructure.

J-Latch Timber Crib

J-Latch is designed to replace conventional timber cribs (4- and 9-point). Timbers are interlocked and there is 100% contact which greatly improves strength and stability, and also allows for higher aspect ratios.

J-PAK Crib

J-PAK Cribs are a standing support product that utilizes a custom-made steel shell filled with specialized cement. J-PAK is designed to slowly yield under rock load.