About Us

A Family Business

Frank Calandra, Inc. was formed in 1922 by Frank Calandra, Sr., and Mary Calandra, its two common shareholders. The primary purpose of the proprietorship was to buy and sell scrap to the Pittsburgh area steel producers.  Frank Calandra, Inc. evolved over the years into mining distribution to the local coal mines near Cresson, PA.  Rail products were its primary focus until 1965. Frank Calandra, Jr. changed the focus to roof support products in 1965. In 1972 Frank Calandra, Jr, and his brother Jack Calandra formed JENNMAR, a subsidiary of Frank Calandra, Inc. Today Frank Calandra Inc (FCI), major investments house companies JENNMAR, JLOK, and JM Steel.

Calandra Group was formed by Tony Calandra in 2013 to house Calandra’s future investments in Chemical Manufacturing, Metal Cutting, Industrial Fabrication, Machining, Labor Services, Oil and Gas, and Conveyance industries. Today, Calandra Groups (CG) major investments include JENNCHEM, XCAL TOOLS, XCAL INDUSTRIES, JENNMAR Services, and JM Conveyors.

Mission Statement

We are a diversified manufacturer and services provider for above and below-ground infrastructure that sets standards in terms of quality and safety for our stakeholders. Our mission is total customer support and satisfaction.

Value Statement

FCI and CG companies set the bar in every industry we serve. Our companies invest heavily in Research and Development. The well-being of our 4,000 employees is paramount in our business model. We appropriate a vast portion of our profits back into our property, plant, and equipment, keeping our stakeholders' best interests in mind. Our employees are held to their value pledge and are to complete their tasks with integrity and stewardship for the environment. Our products enhance productivity levels for our clients and make modern life possible. We commit to our customers that our products will embody SAFETY, SERVICE, and INNOVATION.

Safety Pledge