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Our exceptionally high placement is a testament to the quality of the people we recruit and train, and to the trust that exists between JENNMAR Services and our clients. Few other agencies can boast the synergistic relationships we’ve formed with dozens of companies in the Energy, Industrial and Manufacturing sectors. That’s no accident. The companies we engage understand that we hire nothing less than qualified, drug-free (we enforce a Zero Tolerance drug-free workplace policy) and hard-working people. Our clients also have the opportunity to evaluate an individual’s performance and cultural fit before selecting them as a permanent team member, further ensuring successful placement.

We Are Proud to Call You Our Employees

Whether you’re seeking a job or seeking an employee, when many people think of a staffing agency, they think of a middleman whose only concern is to fill slots with warm bodies for someone else. Quantity over quality. Sadly, that is how some agencies work. At JENNMAR Services, the men and women we hire work for us, first and foremost. JENNMAR Services employees earn competitive pay and benefits, including a 401k plan. We scrutinize, test and train everyone we hire as if they were to be our own permanent employee... because they are. While the vast majority of the positions we offer lead to full-time, permanent positions with other companies, the people we hire work for us until they are prepared to move on, all the while gaining skills and confidence or simply demonstrating their value to a company eager to hire them.


Staffing Options

JENNMAR Services offers the following types of staffing options:


We assume all responsibility for recruiting and screening of personnel to select the most qualified candidate for your workforce needs or project.


Provide qualified personnel that can be screened for job performance with the option to permanently hire at a later date.


Short-term needs such as special projects, seasonal adjustments or reducing employee-related costs.


JENNMAR Services also provides the following training:

• Mine Safety & Health, and Administration (MSHA) Training.
• Our Certified Trainer can deliver MSHA Courses wherever and whenever you choose.
• Underground Coal Mining Refresher Courses offered monthly at Jennmar Services’ Training Center.
• SAFELAND training and OSHA Training.
• Specially arranged courses available upon request.

Our Capabilities

JENNMAR Services provides well-trained, drug-free, experienced personnel who are qualified to work in the Coal Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction, and Industrial Plant industries. We can supplement an existing workforce during peak work periods or act as a screening service allowing a company to observe a potential employee’s skills and work ethic before hiring them full-time.

Provide safe, efficient and productive employees to the coal mining industry. JENNMAR Services employees are fully instructed with all required MSHA training. All underground mining candidates must have a MSHA 40 or MSHA 80 hour training class completed to work in any underground mine.

JENNMAR Services employees are provided with all required OSHA and/or SAFELAND training for oil & gas production facilities, construction, pipeline row, drilling sites, frac locations.

Provide fully trained employees for various industrial plant facilities including general labor and warehouse workers.

JENNMAR Services' construction division gives you flexibility when looking to add skilled craftsmen to your team on an as-needed basis. Whether you are looking for a short term worker to finish a project or looking to add someone to your team permanently, our workforce solutions give you cost-effective options.

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We are a full service staffing company that provides staffing services to companies in the coal and hard rock mining, oil, gas, industrial and construction industries. Our team members are dedicated to fulfilling your staffing and training needs. Get in touch with us today!