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Grouts & Resins

Grouts & Resins Usage

PUR70 is pumped (bottom up) into Fully- Grouted Cable Bolts (FGCB) to provide corrosion protection and improve bolt life. J-SEAL is a high strength foaming grout used primarily for rated seals.

J-FIRM Soil Stabilization Grout

Jennchem's J-Firm Soil Stabilization Grout is a free flowing, low viscosity, sodium silicate grout and hardener that fully encapsulates and hardens loose soil in order to allow for safe excavation.

J-PLUG Acrylate Grout

J-PLUG Acrylate Grout is a fast reacting, low viscosity, acrylate polymer that is used to seal water leaks in concrete structures and stabilize soils.

JSC Grout

JSC Grout is JENNCHEM's series of single-component hydrophobic polyurethane grouts that are used for sealing leaking cracks or joints in a variety of applications.

PUR70 Polyurethane Resin

PUR70 Polyurethane Resin is a two-component polyurethane resin system. When properly mixed at a ratio of one to one, PUR70 cures to a rigid polymer with unique physical properties, resistance to water and chemical attack, and long term durability.

TDS-240 Urea Silicate Resin System

This grout is designed to secure rock and cable bolts in tunnel and mine applications. It quickly develops a thixotropic characteristic that minimizes free flow but allows continuous, as well as interrupted, pumping overhead.

US Foam and Grout

The two-component resin is delivered by a pump unit and injected in a ratio of 1:1 by volume through a mixing gun. The resulting medium sets to produce an elastic, expanding mass with outstanding adhesive and compressive strength.