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Rail Benders

Rail Benders

30 Ton Hydraulic Rail Bender
30 Ton Bender for conventional strength rail for switch point pockets and rail repairs. For 60-140
lbs. gauge track.

Single hook bender frame. Safety chain secures ram/pump unit to frame.

• Wt. 181 lbs. - 60-140 lb. Rail

Hydraulic Rail Bender

2H: Standard model bender for curving mine rail and bending switchpoint "knucks" in rails 25-70 lbs.

Quick ram retraction. Heavy-duty springs pull piston completely into cylinder in less than 5 seconds. No pry-bar needed to release ram from rail.

• Wt. 138 lbs. - 60-70 lb. Rail
• Wt. 95 lbs. - 40-60 lb. Rail
• Wt. 85 lbs. - 25-40 lb. Rail

Screw Type Rail Bender

2H50: Operator supplies a steel bar to turn the screw. The double hook style cast steel frame provides direct 90 degree bearing to the railhead.

• Wt. 75 lbs. - 25-60 lb. Rail
• Wt. 100 lbs. - 60-85 lb. Rail



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