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Heel Blocks

The heel block welded together from tough rolled-steel components, can be made to fit switches of any length, and rail of any weight. A joint consists of the heel block and two splice plates and necessary long bolts. 

This switch heel block joint does two things: (1) it adds safety to the switch; and (2) maintains gage at the heel end of a switch, keeping closure rail and switch point in correct alignment, both vertically and horizontally. 

All bolts can be tightened without interfering with the lateral movement of switch points.

When ordering switches, please specify:
• Number of joints (half RH, and half LH). If not ordered in pairs, specify if for right or left-hand point.
• Length of point and switch design number.
• Weight and section of rail.
• Rail drilling (unless standard drilling is desired). Diameter, elevation, and spacing of holes (G-H-G) in joint bar.



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