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Wheel Stops


Clamp-type car stop is designed for permanent or temporary installation on exposed rails. Used when heavy and expensive bumping posts are not required, the stop is simple to handle and attach, and mounts with four 1" (25 mm) diameter bolts and two wedge-type clamping plates (no drilling needed). Car stops can be removed when not needed. As the car bumps the stop, the wedge design tightens its hold on the rail.

Hinged, Locking Type

Stops are bolted through web of rail. Stops fold outward when not needed. Lock casting grips head of rail and can be padlocked to prevent unauthorized use of stops. If load is too great, bolts can shear.

• Right Hand- Wt. 94 lbs.
• Left Hand - Wt. 94 lbs.
• 1-2 cars. - Light-duty side track.


Wedge holds bolted-together car stop to rail. Stop stands 15 inches above rail. Can be used as chock as well as stopping device. Tighten bolts periodically and re-hammer wedge if loosened. Car stop is assembled on head of rail by tightening 5 bolts and driving wedge from the rear.

• Right Hand- Wt. 107 lbs.
• Left Hand - Wt. 107 lbs.
• 1-2 cars. - Light-duty side track.



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