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M3 Custom Protective Coating

K2 ThermoPlastic

Excellent flexibility, adhesion, and hardness are the hallmark characteristics of this familiar, single-layer plastic bolt coating. Very good resistance to humidity, acids, alkalinity, and salts, it remains a top coating choice for many mining sites.

Zinc Epoxy Coating

Zinc Epoxy is an economic yet effective coating material for rock bolts against corrosion in a challenging geotechnical environment, where resistance to abrasion and electrochemical corrosion is required. The innovative zinc epoxy coating system was applied on JENNMAR rock bolts.


• An optimal zinc content: The zinc epoxy is specially formulated with an optimal zinc content that provides excellent cathodic protection (CP) of the metal substrate with greatly improved mechanical properties (crack resistance), cohesion, and adhesion.

• A self-healing effect: The corrosion byproduct of the zinc blocks microcracks on the coating and creates an inhibitor effect by collecting insoluble complexes of zinc, oxygen, and chlorides and trapping these species in the coating so they don’t reach the surface of the steel substrate.

• A good scratch damage resistance: The Zinc epoxy coating has a good surface hardness against scratch damage during bolt installation.

• An excellent corrosion resistance: The zinc epoxy coating has exceptional corrosion resistance to acids (pH 4 - 7), alkalis (pH up to 13), fuels, and salt solvents. Laboratory test indicates that the zinc epoxy coated M3 expandable rock bolts withstood more than 1,000 hours of salt spray exposure without red or white corrosion products that are normally found after 72
hours on uncoated rock bolts.



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