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Fast Anchor 3 Bolt System

The Fast Anchor 3 is a double corrosion-resistant steel bolt for strata control that provides quick assembly and secure installation due to its expansion shell that provides immediate anchorage and generates superior grip upon application. Fast Anchor 3 is designed within the highest quality standard for this type of bolt and performs accordingly. The injection system allows for a quick and easy grouting operation, where grout enters through the center hole of the bolt from the bottom and covers it completely.


• Improved advance cycles
• Easy and fast installation
• Immediate anchorage
• Suitable for pre-or post-grouting
• Improved reinforcement cycles
• Improved savings in time and workmanship
• Provide both mechanical and chemical anchorage
• Galvanized option under ASTM 123-9 Standard for corrosion protection
• Plastic sleeve provides additional corrosion protection



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