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J-Channel Beams
J-Channel uses 3/16" high strength steel with 50,000 psi yield strength and can replace wooden timber beams from 3 × 6" up to 3 × 10"
• Lightweight, weighing only 9.58 lb/ft. Easy to handle, reducing handling injuries
• Choice of steels and thicknesses provide a variety of strength
• Compact dimensions allow larger quantities to be easily stored in mine
• Tabs on each end provide better support of mine props or timbers if required
• Can be installed in mining cycle; other shifts can install yieldable legs or props where needed
• INSTAL® or Combination bolts and resin with flat plates are recommended for cost saving
• Available in 8 through 18' sections with other lengths on request

Wide Flange Beams
• JENNMAR will fabricate lengths of Wide Flange Beams (W Beams) to customer’s individual needs

Heat Treated Serrated Steel Beams (Waffle)
• The IB-100 and GI-120 were designed to provide the mining and tunneling industries with a lightweight, low-profile alternative to standard wide-flange beam. The heat treated nature of these beams allows for greater elasticity,  reventing the beam from yielding after minimal deflection. Ideal when maximum strength and critical clearance are needed



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