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7 Oct 2022

JM Steel Corp. announces purchase of Five Star Roll Form, LLC.

JM Steel Corp. (JM) is proud to announce the purchase of Five Star Roll Form, LLC.  JM Steel is excited to expand its value-added roll-form expertise and looks forward to building upon the solutions that Five Star has been giving its loyal customer base in the Trailer, Garage Door, Roofing, and Solar industries.  

“I am very optimistic that this new acquisition will add to JM Steel's value-added services for downstream customers. We are eager to serve Five Star's customers' current roll-formed parts and will strive to bring additional solutions in the future. In addition, we are extremely excited to work with JM Steel's existing customers on roll-formed solutions. The addition of Five Star will bring many new opportunities for our customer base as well as Five Star’s customer base. Exciting times ahead!”

– Tony Calandra, Group President of Frank Calandra Inc. and Calandra Group, LLC.