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YIELD-LOK® Bolt is a new generation of yielding rock bolt that provides reliable ground control in both seismic and convergence ground conditions. YIELD-LOK Bolt is fully grouted with resin or cement in application. Resin mixing is facilitated by deformations on the head of bolt similar to rebar. The bolt provides immediate primary support on installation. The YIELD-LOK Bolt can be configured to yield either in dynamic condition (YL-Dynamic Bolt) or yield at specified loads in static condition (YL-Static Bolt).

YL-Dynamic Bolt

In static condition, YL-Dynamic Bolt provides stiff support similar to rebar bolt, while in dynamic condition, the bolt yields at a constant load to absorb dynamic energy by pulling the upset through the polymer (i.e. plough effect).

YL-Static Bolt

In convergence condition, YL-Static Bolt provides consistent yield at specified load by pulling upset through the polymer. Static yielding load of bolt is controlled by varying the dimension of upset.
It is recommended to apply the YIELD-LOK Bolt with mine meshes and straps together to build up a yielding support system to reinforce and retain the rock mass that is subjected to large convergence from dynamic or static loads.


• Suitable in static and dynamic load conditions
• Applicable as primary support
• Provides stiff shear resistance in both dynamic and static conditions
• Compatible with existing ground control system and installation machines
• Performance independent of drill hole diameter and resin properties
• Performance characteristics are consistent through multiple and varying amplitude of impacts
• Engineered polymer coating performs down to -94°F (-70°C)



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