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Self-Drilling FRICTION-LOK


Self-Drilling FRICTION-LOK

JENNMAR has developed the Self-Drilling FRICTION-LOK®, a new design where the borehole is drilled and the friction bolt is installed simultaneously. This system was developed to reduce operating times and thereby increase the performance cycle. 

Due to the simplicity of its design and installation, the Self-Drilling FRICTION-LOK does not affect normal operation or require additional personnel.


• Available in lengths from 2 to 10' (0.6 to 3.0 m)
• Diameter is adjustable depending on ground type, allowing for load optimization
• Available in galvanized (ASTM 123-9)
• Reusable drilling bar is highly resistant and designed specifically for Self-Drilling FRICTION-LOK


• Ground support cycle times are reduced between 35 to 40%
• Eliminates the possibility of bolt damage during installation
• Reduces drilling equipment damage by reducing installation cycle times
• Lowers associated maintenance costs and improves safety
• Improves process and does not require additional training or new installation techniques
• Adaptable to any type of powered drilling equipment



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