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Impact Resistant Lagging

JENNMAR, along with KMS our affiliate engineering company, have designed, tested and developed the Impact Resistant Lagging (IRL) system to protect steel sets. Various steel sets that are protected with IRL panels have been approved by MSHA and installed in several underground roof fall rehabilitation projects

Impact Resistant Lagging Arch Set
Impact Resistant Lagging Panel
Impact Resistant Lagging Arch Set
Impact Resistant Lagging Panel

Impact Resistant Lagging

The IRL panel consists of the following components:

V-Deck Panel

•Galvanized V-Deck Panel (18 × 46" × 12 gage) is used to
provide primary flexural strength. Two clips are attached to
facilitate easy installation of the lagging panel to the upper
flange of the beam

Special Lagging Block (SLB)
•Special Lagging Blocks are comprised of two pieces of
medium-soft wood (6 × 6 × 46") that are attached to the
V-deck panel. The blocks provide additional flexural strength
to the system, absorb impact energy, distribute impact load
over a larger area of the V-deck panel and extend the
duration of impact

Cushion Inserts
•Two pieces of hard foam strip (0.5" thick) are installed
between the V-deck panel and the flange of the W-beam.
The foam strips act as a cushion, increase impact duration
and reduce the magnitude of the instantaneous impact load
on the system

Surface Coating
•A thin layer of water-proof bonding coating is applied to
the surface of the Special Lagging Blocks. The tough-textured
coating provides necessary protection against water, acid,
chemicals, UV exposure, salt water, abrasion, fire and
freeze-thaw. This coating dramatically extends the life span
of the SLB when compared with plain wood blocks

• Provides sufficient flexural strength and acceptable cushioning effect
• Corrosion resistant
• Cost effective
• Easy material handling and installation



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